12/3/2023 Evening Cristi Boariu play
12/3/2023 Morning Cristi Boariu play
12/2/2023 Evening Cristi Boariu play
11/30/2023 Evening David Șalar play
11/26/2023 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
11/26/2023 Morning David Șalar play
11/19/2023 Evening TJ Oros play
11/19/2023 Morning Lazar Gog play
11/16/2023 Evening Lazar Gog play
11/12/2023 Evening Teo Scorte play
11/12/2023 Morning Dr. Raymond Culpepper play
11/11/2023 Morning Dr. Sean O'Neal play
11/10/2023 Evening Florin Cimpean play
11/5/2023 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
11/5/2023 Morning David Șalar play
11/2/2023 Evening David Șalar play
10/29/2023 Evening Aron Derecichei play
10/29/2023 Morning David Șalar play
10/26/2023 Evening David Șalar play
10/22/2023 Evening David Șalar play
10/22/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
10/19/2023 Evening David Șalar play
10/15/2023 Evening Flaviu Coman play
10/15/2023 Morning Alin Sigartau play
10/12/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
10/09/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
10/09/2023 Morning David Șalar play
10/05/2023 Evening David Șalar play
10/01/2023 Evening David Șalar play
10/01/2023 Morning Daniel Grigoriciuc play
09/28/2023 Evening David Șalar play
09/24/2023 Evening David Șalar play
09/24/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
09/21/2023 Evening David Șalar play
09/17/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
09/17/2023 Morning David Șalar play
09/14/2023 Evening David Șalar play
09/10/2023 Evening David Șalar play
09/10/2023 Morning Dan Caraian play
09/07/2023 Evening David Șalar play
09/03/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
08/31/2023 Evening Arpad Miszti play
08/27/2023 Evening David Șalar play
08/27/2023 Morning David Șalar play
08/24/2023 Evening David Șalar play
08/20/2023 Morning David Șalar play
08/17/2023 Evening David Șalar play
08/13/2023 Evening David Șalar play
08/13/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
08/10/2023 Evening David Șalar play
08/06/2023 Evening Călin Vereș play
08/06/2023 Morning Sami Caba play
08/03/2023 Evening David Șalar play
07/30/2023 Evening David Șalar play
07/30/2023 Morning David Șalar play
07/27/2023 Evening David Șalar play
07/23/2023 Evening Lucian Pichler play
07/23/2023 Morning David Șalar play
07/20/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
07/16/2023 Evening Florin Cîmpean play
07/16/2023 Morning Appointment of Senior Pastor David Șalar play
07/13/2023 Evening Aron Derecichei play
07/09/2023 Evening TJ Oros play
07/09/2023 Morning David Șalar play
07/06/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
07/02/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
06/29/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
06/25/2023 Evening Călin Gog play
06/25/2023 Morning Lucian Pichler play
06/22/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
06/18/2023 Evening Andrew Pop play
06/18/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
06/15/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
06/11/2023 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
06/11/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
06/08/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
06/04/2023 Evening Lucian Pichler play
06/04/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
06/01/2023 Evening Lucian Pichler play
05/28/2023 Morning Iosif Belea play
05/25/2023 Evening Arpad Miszti play
05/21/2023 Evening Călin Vereș play
05/21/2023 Morning Aron Derecichei play
05/18/2023 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
05/14/2023 Evening TJ Oros play
05/14/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
05/11/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
05/07/2023 Evening Andrew Pop play
05/07/2023 Morning Iosif Belea play
05/04/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
04/30/2023 Morning David Șalar play
04/27/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
04/23/2023 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
04/23/2023 Morning Sergiu Nichescu play
04/20/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
04/16/2023 Evening Călin Gog play
04/16/2023 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
04/13/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
04/09/2023 Evening Claudiu Mișca play
04/09/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
04/06/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
04/02/2023 Evening Călin Vereș play
04/02/2023 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
03/30/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
03/26/2023 Evening Aron Derecichei play
03/26/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
03/23/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
03/19/2023 Evening Lucian Pichler play
03/19/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
03/16/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
03/12/2023 Evening Călin Vereș play
03/12/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
03/09/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
03/05/2023 Evening David Șalar play
03/05/2023 Morning David Șalar play
03/02/2023 Evening Claudiu Mișca play
02/26/2023 Evening Călin Gog play
02/26/2023 Morning Ionică Jijie play
02/23/2023 Evening Claudiu Mișca play
02/19/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
02/19/2023 Morning Daniel Grigoriciuc play
02/16/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
02/12/2023 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
02/12/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
02/09/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
02/05/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
02/05/2023 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
02/02/2023 Evening Payer & Worship play
01/29/2023 Evening Aron Derecichei play
01/29/2023 Morning Claudiu Misca play
01/26/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
01/22/2023 Evening Gelu Boanta play
01/22/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
01/19/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
01/15/2023 Evening Lucian Pichler play
01/15/2023 Morning Lazăr Gog play
01/12/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
01/08/2023 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
01/05/2023 Evening Claudiu Mișca play
01/01/2023 Evening Lazăr Gog play
12/31/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
12/29/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
12/25/2022 Evening Claudiu Mișca play
12/24/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
12/22/2022 Evening Claudiu Mișca play
12/18/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
12/18/2022 Morning Dumitru Piscuc play
12/15/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
12/11/2022 Evening Teo Scorte play
12/11/2022 Morning Florin Cîmpean play
12/10/2022 Evening David Șalar play
12/08/2022 Evening Florin Bolosin play
12/04/2022 Evening Călin Gog play
12/04/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
12/01/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
11/27/2022 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
11/20/2022 Evening Călin Vereș play
11/20/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
11/17/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
11/13/2022 Evening Lucian Pichler play
11/13/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
11/10/2022 Evening Dorin Druhora play
11/06/2022 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
11/06/2022 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
10/30/2022 Evening Aron Derecichei play
10/30/2022 Morning Dorin Druhora play
10/27/2022 Evening Dorin Druhora play
10/23/2022 Evening Călin Gog play
10/23/2022 Morning Florin Pop play
10/20/2022 Evening Dorin Druhora play
10/16/2022 Morning John Tipei play
10/13/2022 Evening Dorin Druhora play
10/09/2022 Evening Lucian Pichler play
10/09/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
10/06/2022 Evening Dorin Druhora play
10/02/2022 Evening Călin Vereș play
10/02/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
09/25/2022 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
09/25/2022 Morning Dorin Druhora play
09/22/2022 Evening Dorin Druhora play
09/18/2022 Evening Andrew Pop play
09/18/2022 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
09/15/2022 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
09/11/2022 Evening T J Oros play
09/11/2022 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
09/08/2022 Evening Arpad Miszti play
09/04/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
08/28/2022 Evening Călin Gog play
08/28/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
08/25/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
08/21/2022 Morning Water Baptism play
08/21/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
08/18/2022 Evening Claudiu Mișca play
08/14/2022 Evening Jason Coșman play
08/11/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
08/07/2022 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
08/07/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
08/04/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
07/31/2022 Evening Andrew Pop play
07/31/2022 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
07/28/2022 Evening Claudiu Mișca play
07/24/2022 Evening Lucian Pichler play
07/24/2022 Morning Samuel Caba play
07/21/2022 Evening Dorin Druhora play
07/17/2022 Evening Călin Gog play
07/17/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
07/14/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
07/10/2022 Evening Aron Derecichei play
07/10/2022 Morning Silviu Neagu play
07/07/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
07/03/2022 Morning Daniel Melen play
06/30/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
06/26/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
06/26/2022 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
06/23/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
06/19/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
06/16/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
06/12/2022 Evening Călin Vereș play
06/12/2022 Morning Dorin Druhora play
06/09/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
06/05/2022 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
06/05/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
06/02/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
05/29/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
05/26/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
05/22/2022 Evening Lucian Pichler play
05/22/2022 Morning Dorin Druhora play
05/19/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
05/15/2022 Evening Charles Victor play
05/15/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
05/12/2022 Evening Iosif Luța play
05/08/2022 Evening Călin Gog play
05/08/2022 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
05/05/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
05/01/2022 Evening Ghiță Mois play
05/01/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
04/28/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
04/24/2022 Evening Călin Gog play
04/24/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
04/21/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
04/17/2022 Evening Claudiu Mișca play
04/17/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
04/14/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
04/10/2022 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
04/10/2022 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
04/07/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
04/03/2022 Evening Aron Derecichei play
04/03/2022 Morning Mihai Dumitrașcu play
03/31/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
03/27/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
03/24/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
03/20/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
03/17/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
03/13/2022 Morning J. David Stephens play
03/10/2022 Evening Florin Cîmpean play
03/06/2022 Evening Călin Gog play
03/06/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
02/27/2022 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
02/27/2022 Morning Dan Caraian play
02/24/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
02/20/2022 Evening Andrew Vălean play
02/20/2022 Morning Moise Gaode play
02/17/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
02/13/2022 Evening Aron Derecichei play
02/13/2022 Morning Nelu Joldeș play
02/10/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
02/06/2022 Evening Lucian Pichler play
02/06/2022 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
01/30/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
01/27/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
01/23/2022 Evening Călin Gog play
01/23/2022 Morning Gabi Moldovan play
01/20/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
01/16/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
01/13/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
01/09/2022 Evening Lazăr Gog play
01/09/2022 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
01/02/2022 Morning Lazăr Gog play
12/31/2021 Evening Lazăr Gog play
12/24/2021 Evening Lazăr Gog play
12/19/2021 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
12/19/2021 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
12/16/2021 Evening Arpad Miszti play
12/12/2021 Evening Aron Derecichei play
12/12/2021 Morning Richard Kimani play
12/09/2021 Evening Claudiu Mișca play
12/05/2021 Evening Charles Victor play
12/05/2021 Morning Ovidiu Cupșa play
11/28/2021 Morning Lazăr Gog play
11/21/2021 Revive Andrew Vălean play
11/21/2021 Morning Lazăr Gog play
11/20/2021 Revive Teo Scorte play
11/19/2021 Revive Gabi Hada play
11/18/2021 Evening Lazăr Gog play
11/14/2021 Evening Călin Gog play
11/14/2021 Morning Lazăr Gog play
11/11/2021 Evening Alexandru Miaun play
11/07/2021 Evening Călin Vereș play
11/07/2021 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
10/31/2021 Evening Charles Victor play
10/31/2021 Morning Ovidiu Cupșa play
10/28/2021 Evening Lazăr Gog play
10/24/2021 Evening Alin Coroian play
10/24/2021 Morning Ghiță Mois play
10/21/2021 Evening Mihai Matei play
10/17/2021 Evening Lucian Pichler play
10/17/2021 Morning Florin Pop play
10/14/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
10/10/2021 Evening Andrew Vălean play
10/10/2021 Morning Lazăr Gog play
10/07/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
10/03/2021 Evening George Puraci play
10/03/2021 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
09/30/2021 Evening Lazăr Gog play
09/26/2021 Evening Lazăr Gog play
09/26/2021 Morning Peter Mihent play
09/23/2021 Evening Mohamad Seifeddine play
09/19/2021 Evening Călin Gog play
09/19/2021 Morning Lazăr Gog play
09/12/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
09/12/2021 Morning Florin Cîmpean play
09/09/2021 Evening Dumitru Piscuc play
09/05/2021 Evening Peter Mihent play
09/05/2021 Morning Peter Mihent play
09/04/2021 Evening Peter Mihent play
09/04/2021 Morning Peter Mihent play
09/03/2021 Evening Peter Mihent play
09/02/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/29/2021 Morning Daniel Druhora play
08/26/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/22/2021 Evening Lucian Pichler play
08/22/2021 Morning Dorin Druhora play
08/19/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/15/2021 Evening Călin Vereș play
08/15/2021 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
08/12/2021 Evening Ștefan Tigău play
08/08/2021 Evening Andrew Vălean play
08/08/2021 Morning Samuel Caba play
08/05/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/01/2021 Evening Daniel Druhora play
08/01/2021 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/29/2021 Evening Dumitru Piscuc play
07/25/2021 Evening Călin Gog play
07/25/2021 Morning Dumitru Piscuc play
07/22/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
07/18/2021 Evening Lucian Pichler play
07/18/2021 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/15/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
07/11/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
07/11/2021 Morning Ioan Kui play
07/08/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
07/04/2021 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/01/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
06/27/2021 Evening Steve Nemeș play
06/24/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
06/20/2021 Evening Călin Vereș play
06/20/2021 Morning Dorin Druhora play
06/17/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
06/13/2021 Evening Călin Gog play
06/13/2021 Morning Lazăr Gog play
06/10/2021 Evening Dorin Druhora play
06/06/2021 Evening Lucian Pichler play
06/06/2021 Morning Claudiu Mișca play
06/03/2021 Evening Daniel Grigoriciuc play
05/30/2021 Morning Dorin Druhora play
05/27/2021 Evening Lazăr Gog play
05/23/2021 Evening Andrew Valean play
05/23/2021 Morning Lazăr Gog play
05/16/2021 Evening Calin Gog play
05/16/2021 Morning Lazăr Gog play
05/13/2021 Evening Nelu Brie play
05/09/2021 Evening Daniel Druhora play
05/09/2021 Morning Marcel Măcelaru play
05/06/2021 Evening Lazar Gog play
05/02/2021 Evening Calin Veres play
05/02/2021 Morning Dorin Druhora play
04/29/2021 Evening Cristi Boariu play
04/25/2021 Evening Lucian Pichler play
04/25/2021 Morning Leonard Semenea play
04/22/2021 Evening Lazar Gog play
04/18/2021 Evening Andrew Valean play
04/18/2021 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/15/2021 Evening Lazar Gog play
04/11/2021 Evening Daniel Druhora play
04/11/2021 Morning Claudiu Misca play
04/08/2021 Evening Lazar Gog play
04/04/2021 Evening Calin Gog play
04/04/2021 Morning Dorin Druhora play
04/02/2021 Evening Arpad Miszti play
04/01/2021 Evening Ioan Kui play
03/28/2021 Evening Calin Veres play
03/28/2021 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/25/2021 Evening Lazar Gog play
03/21/2021 Morning Water Baptism play
03/21/2021 Morning Dorin Druhora play
03/18/2021 Evening Lazar Gog play
03/14/2021 Evening Andrew Valean play
03/14/2021 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/11/2021 Evening Claudiu Misca play
03/07/2021 Evening Lucian Pichler play
03/07/2021 Morning Iosif Belea play
03/04/2021 Evening Claudiu Misca play
02/28/2021 Morning Dorin Druhora play
02/25/2021 Evening Claudiu Misca play
02/21/2021 Evening Daniel Druhora play
02/21/2021 Morning Claudiu Misca play
02/18/2021 Evening Claudiu Misca play
02/14/2021 Evening Calin Gog play
02/14/2021 Morning Lazar Gog play
02/11/2021 Evening Claudiu Misca play
02/07/2021 Evening Lazar Gog play
02/07/2021 Morning Dorin Druhora play
02/04/2021 Evening Claudiu Misca play
01/31/2021 Evening Simi Timbuc play
01/31/2021 Morning Simi Timbuc play
01/24/2021 Evening Florin Cîmpean play
01/24/2021 Morning Florin Cîmpean play
01/17/2021 Morning Dorin Druhora play
01/14/2021 Evening Leonard Semenea play
01/10/2021 Evening Lazar Gog play
01/10/2021 Morning Dorin Druhora play
01/07/2021 Evening Leonard Semenea play
01/03/2021 Morning Leonard Semenea play
01/01/2021 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/31/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/27/2020 Morning Claudiu Misca play
12/25/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/24/2020 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/20/2020 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/17/2020 Evening Leonard Semenea play
12/13/2020 Morning Narcis Popovici play
12/10/2020 Evening Leonard Semenea play
12/06/2020 Morning Gabi Costea play
12/03/2020 Evening Leonard Semenea play
11/29/2020 Morning Florin Pop play
11/22/2020 Revive Daniel Druhora play
11/22/2020 Morning Lazar Gog play
11/21/2020 Revive Matthew Pollock play
11/20/2020 Revive Andrew Valean play
11/19/2020 Evening Leonard Semenea play
11/15/2020 Morning Leonard Semenea play
11/12/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
11/08/2020 Morning Arpad Miszti play
11/05/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
11/01/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
10/29/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
10/25/2020 Morning Claudiu Misca play
10/22/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
10/18/2020 Morning Lazar Gog play
10/15/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
10/11/2020 Morning Moise Gaode play
10/04/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
10/01/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
09/27/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
09/24/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
09/20/2020 Morning Claudiu Misca play
09/17/2020 Evening Ioan Kui play
09/13/2020 Morning Lazar Gog play
09/12/2020 Evening Benedictus Domini Concert play
09/06/2020 Morning Florin Cîmpean play
09/03/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/30/2020 Morning Lazar Gog play
08/27/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/23/2020 Morning Claudiu Misca play
08/20/2020 Evening Ioan Kui play
08/16/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
08/13/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/09/2020 Morning Lazar Gog play
08/06/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/02/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/30/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
07/26/2020 Morning Ioan Kui play
07/23/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
07/19/2020 Morning Claudiu Misca play
07/16/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
07/12/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/05/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/02/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
06/28/2020 Morning Leonard Semenea play
06/25/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
06/21/2020 Morning Lazar Gog play
06/18/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
06/14/2020 Morning Lazar Gog play
06/11/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
06/07/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
06/04/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
05/31/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
05/28/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
05/24/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
05/21/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
05/17/2020 Morning Claudiu Misca play
05/14/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
05/10/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
05/03/2020 Morning Arpad Miszti play
04/30/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
04/26/2020 Morning Ioan Kui play
04/19/2020 Morning Claudiu Misca play
04/12/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
04/11/2020 Evening Calin Gog play
04/10/2020 Evening Emanuel Rotariu play
04/09/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
04/09/2020 Evening Ioan Kui play
04/08/2020 Evening Daniel Druhora play
04/07/2020 Evening Claudiu Misca play
04/06/2020 Evening Arpad Miszti play
04/05/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
03/29/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
03/22/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
03/20/2020 Morning Message from Pastor Dorin Druhora - English play
03/20/2020 Morning Message from Pastor Dorin Druhora - Romanian play
03/15/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
03/08/2020 Evening Andrew Valean play
03/01/2020 Evening Lucian Pichler play
03/01/2020 Morning Claudiu Misca play
02/23/2020 Evening Andrew Pop play
02/23/2020 Morning Iosif Frânc play
02/22/2020 Morning Funeral Service for Peter Brandon Pop play
02/21/2020 Evening Viewing Service for Peter Brandon Pop play
02/16/2020 Evening Daniel Tudoran play
02/16/2020 Morning Iosif Belea play
02/09/2020 Evening Calin Gog play
02/09/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
02/02/2020 Evening Lucian Pichler play
02/02/2020 Morning Paul Muresan play
01/26/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
01/26/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
01/19/2020 Evening Daniel Druhora play
01/19/2020 Morning Leonard Semenea play
01/12/2020 Evening Michael Pierce play
01/12/2020 Morning Beni Faragau play
01/05/2020 Evening Calin Gog play
01/05/2020 Morning Dorin Druhora play
01/01/2020 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/31/2019 Evening Leonard Semenea play
12/29/2019 Morning Claudiu Misca play
12/25/2019 Evening Leonard Semenea play
12/24/2019 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/22/2019 Evening Leonard Semenea play
12/15/2019 Evening Claudiu Misca play
12/15/2019 Morning Dorin Druhora play
12/08/2019 Evening Leonard Semenea play
12/08/2019 Morning Leonard Semenea play
12/01/2019 Evening Sergiu Ludusan play
12/01/2019 Morning Dorin Druhora play
11/24/2019 Evening Daniel Druhora play
11/24/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
11/17/2019 Evening Lucian Pichler play
11/17/2019 Morning Relu Moldovan play
11/10/2019 Evening Narcis Popovici play
11/10/2019 Morning Andrew Valean play
11/09/2019 Evening Narcis Popovici play
11/09/2019 Morning Ciprian Boitor play
11/08/2019 Evening Calin Gog play
11/03/2019 Evening Ioan Kui play
11/03/2019 Morning Claudiu Misca play
10/31/2019 Evening Lazar Gog play
10/27/2019 Evening Claudiu Misca play
10/27/2019 Morning Dorin Druhora play
10/20/2019 Evening Calin Gog play
10/20/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
10/13/2019 Evening Andrew Valean play
10/13/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
10/06/2019 Evening Charles Victor play
10/06/2019 Morning Claudiu Misca play
09/29/2019 Morning Tony Lane play
09/22/2019 Evening Daniel Druhora play
09/22/2019 Morning Claudiu Misca play
09/15/2019 Evening Lucian Pichler play
09/15/2019 Morning Ghita Mois play
09/12/2019 Evening Grupul Continental play
09/08/2019 Evening Steven Nemes play
09/08/2019 Morning Dorin Druhora play
09/01/2019 Morning Dorin Druhora play
08/25/2019 Morning Water Baptism play
08/25/2019 Morning Corneliu Constantineanu play
08/18/2019 Evening Daniel Druhora play
08/18/2019 Morning Dumitru Piscuc play
08/11/2019 Evening Andrew Valean play
08/11/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
08/04/2019 Evening Calin Gog play
08/04/2019 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/28/2019 Evening Lucian Pichler play
07/28/2019 Morning Dorel Coras play
07/21/2019 Evening Steven Nemes play
07/21/2019 Morning Corneliu Constantineanu play
07/14/2019 Evening Daniel Druhora play
07/14/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
07/07/2019 Evening Calin Gog play
07/07/2019 Morning Dorin Druhora play
06/30/2019 Evening Lucian Pichler play
06/30/2019 Morning Dorin Druhora play
06/23/2019 Evening Steven Nemes play
06/23/2019 Morning Claudiu Misca play
06/16/2019 Morning Dorin Druhora play
06/09/2019 Evening Daniel Druhora play
06/09/2019 Morning Dorin Druhora play
06/02/2019 Evening Dorin Druhora play
06/02/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
05/26/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
05/19/2019 Evening Steven Nemes play
05/19/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
05/12/2019 Morning Dorin Druhora play
05/05/2019 Evening Leonard Semenea play
05/05/2019 Morning Leonard Semenea play
04/28/2019 Evening Lucian Pichler play
04/28/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/21/2019 Evening Dorin Druhora play
04/21/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/19/2019 Evening Lazar Gog play
04/18/2019 Evening Dorin Druhora play
04/14/2019 Evening Steven Nemes play
04/14/2019 Morning Dorin Druhora play
04/07/2019 Evening Andrew Pop play
04/07/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/31/2019 Evening Andrew Valean play
03/31/2019 Morning Viorel Chichinejdi play
03/24/2019 Evening Lucian Pichler play
03/24/2019 Morning Ioan Szasz play
03/17/2019 Evening Daniel Druhora play
03/17/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/10/2019 Evening Calin Gog play
03/10/2019 Morning Florian Lucaciu play
03/03/2019 Evening Steve Nemes play
03/03/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
02/24/2019 Evening Lucian Pichler play
02/24/2019 Morning Ezechiel Suciu play
02/17/2019 Evening Dorin Druhora play
02/17/2019 Morning Dorin Druhora play
02/10/2019 Evening George Puraci play
02/10/2019 Morning Leonard Semenea play
02/03/2019 Evening Steve Nemes play
02/03/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
01/27/2019 Evening Lucian Pichler play
01/27/2019 Morning Petru Aron play
01/20/2019 Evening Daniel Druhora play
01/20/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
01/15/2019 Evening Prayer Service play
01/14/2019 Evening Prayer Service play
01/13/2019 Evening Andrew Valean play
01/13/2019 Morning Lazar Gog play
01/06/2019 Evening Lazar Gog play
01/06/2019 Morning Joel Rotariu play
01/01/2019 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/31/2018 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/30/2018 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/30/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
12/25/2018 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/24/2018 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/23/2018 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/23/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/16/2018 Evening Calin Gog play
12/16/2018 Morning Leonard Semenea play
12/09/2018 Evening Abel Tirla play
12/09/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/02/2018 Evening Lucian Pichler play
12/02/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/01/2018 Evening Lazar Gog play
11/29/2018 Evening Conferinta Interconfesionala - Prof. Dr. Stelian Tofana play
11/25/2018 Evening Daniel Druhora play
11/25/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
11/18/2018 Evening Steven Nemes play
11/18/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
11/11/2018 Evening Abel Tirla play
11/11/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
11/04/2018 Evening Lucian Pichler play
11/04/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
10/28/2018 Evening Daniel Druhora play
10/28/2018 Morning Marcel Macelaru play
10/21/2018 Evening Calin Gog play
10/21/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
10/14/2018 Evening Abel Tirla play
10/14/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
10/07/2018 Evening Lucian Pichler play
10/07/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
09/30/2018 Evening Dorin Druhora play
09/30/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
09/23/2018 Evening Abel Tirla play
09/23/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
09/16/2018 Evening Abel Tirla play
09/16/2018 Morning Stefan Pesel play
09/09/2018 Morning Leonard Semenea play
09/02/2018 Evening 2018 Convention - Sunday Evening play
09/02/2018 Morning 2018 Convention - Sunday Morning play
09/01/2018 Evening 2018 Convention - Saturday play
08/31/2018 Evening 2018 Convention - Friday play
08/26/2018 Evening Andrew Pop play
08/26/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
08/19/2018 Evening Titus Coroban play
08/19/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
08/12/2018 Evening Calin Gog play
08/12/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
08/05/2018 Evening Lucian Pichler play
08/05/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/29/2018 Evening Abel Tirla play
07/29/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
07/22/2018 Evening Daniel Druhora play
07/22/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
07/15/2018 Evening Calin Gog play
07/15/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
07/08/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/01/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
06/24/2018 Evening Abel Tirla play
06/24/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
06/17/2018 Evening Daniel Druhora play
06/17/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
06/10/2018 Evening Calin Gog play
06/10/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
06/03/2018 Evening Lucian Pichler play
06/03/2018 Morning Cornel Constantineanu play
05/27/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
05/20/2018 Evening Calin Gog play
05/20/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
05/13/2018 Evening Lazar Gog play
05/13/2018 Morning Leonard Semenea play
05/06/2018 Evening Lucian Pichler play
05/06/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
04/29/2018 Evening Abel Tirla play
04/29/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/22/2018 Evening Lazar Gog play
04/22/2018 Morning Ghita Mois play
04/15/2018 Evening Gabi Costea play
04/15/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
04/08/2018 Evening Dorin Druhora play
04/08/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/01/2018 Evening Dorin Druhora play
04/01/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/30/2018 Evening Dorin Druhora play
03/29/2018 Evening Lazar Gog play
03/25/2018 Evening Abel Tirla play
03/25/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/18/2018 Evening Steven Nemes play
03/18/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
03/11/2018 Evening Calin Gog play
03/11/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/10/2018 Evening Rodica Volintiru play
03/04/2018 Evening Daniel Druhora play
03/04/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
02/25/2018 Evening Abel Tirla play
02/25/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
02/18/2018 Evening Lucian Pichler play
02/18/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
02/11/2018 Evening Abel Tirla play
02/11/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
02/08/2018 Evening Gabi Hada play
02/04/2018 Evening Lazar Gog play
02/04/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
01/28/2018 Evening Lucian Pichler play
01/28/2018 Morning Ioan Kui play
01/21/2018 Evening George Puraci play
01/21/2018 Morning Dorin Druhora play
01/14/2018 Evening Calin Gog play
01/14/2018 Morning Lazar Gog play
01/07/2018 Evening Dorin Druhora play
01/07/2018 Morning Gabi Florut play
01/01/2018 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/31/2017 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/31/2017 Morning Ciprian Boitor play
12/25/2017 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/24/2017 Evening Leonard Semenea play
12/24/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/17/2017 Evening Lucian Pichler play
12/17/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/10/2017 Evening Abel Tirla play
12/10/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/03/2017 Evening Daniel Druhora play
12/03/2017 Morning Dorin Druhora play
11/26/2017 Evening Calin Gog play
11/26/2017 Morning Dorin Druhora play
11/22/2017 Evening Lazar Gog play
11/19/2017 Evening Lucian Pichler play
11/19/2017 Morning Rabbi Avi Lipkin play
11/12/2017 Evening Abel Tirla play
11/12/2017 Morning Gabi Moldovan play
11/11/2017 Evening George Puraci play
11/11/2017 Morning Coptic Christian Youth Group play
11/10/2017 Evening Daniel Druhora play
11/05/2017 Evening Lazar Gog play
11/05/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
10/29/2017 Evening Calin Gog play
10/29/2017 Morning Nelu Brie play
10/22/2017 Evening Lucian Pichler play
10/22/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
10/15/2017 Evening Dorin Druhora play
10/15/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
10/08/2017 Evening Calin Gog play
10/08/2017 Morning Dorin Druhora play
10/01/2017 Evening Tony Lane play
10/01/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
09/24/2017 Evening Abel Tirla play
09/24/2017 Morning Vasile Capitanu play
09/17/2017 Evening Lazar Gog play
09/17/2017 Morning Vasile Birle play
09/10/2017 Evening Daniel Druhora play
09/10/2017 Morning Relu Moldovan play
09/03/2017 Morning Arpad Miszti play
08/27/2017 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/27/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
08/20/2017 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/20/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
08/13/2017 Evening Lazar Gog play
08/13/2017 Morning Rick Cunningham play
08/06/2017 Evening Leonard Semenea play
08/06/2017 Morning Claudiu Misca play
07/30/2017 Evening Bogdan Marcu play
07/30/2017 Morning Dumitru Piscuc play
07/23/2017 Evening Dorin Druhora play
07/23/2017 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/16/2017 Evening Lazar Gog play
07/09/2017 Evening Ioan Kui play
07/09/2017 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/02/2017 Evening Dorin Druhora play
07/02/2017 Morning Moise Gaode play
06/25/2017 Evening Daniel Druhora play
06/25/2017 Morning Dorin Druhora play
06/18/2017 Evening Dorin Druhora play
06/18/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
06/11/2017 Evening Dorin Druhora play
06/11/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
06/10/2017 Evening Rodica Volintiru play
06/04/2017 Evening Lazar Gog play
06/04/2017 Morning Ovidiu Cupsa play
05/28/2017 Morning Daniel Salajan play
05/21/2017 Evening Charles Victor play
05/21/2017 Morning Iosif Tirla play
05/20/2017 Evening Puiu Stefan play
05/14/2017 Evening Charles Victor play
05/14/2017 Morning Dorin Druhora play
05/07/2017 Evening Ovidiu Cupsa play
05/07/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/30/2017 Evening Vasile Birlea play
04/30/2017 Morning Dorin Druhora play
04/23/2017 Evening Lazar Gog play
04/23/2017 Morning Cornel Miclea play
04/16/2017 Evening Dorin Druhora play
04/16/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/09/2017 Evening Lazar Gog play
04/09/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/02/2017 Evening Lazar Gog play
04/02/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/26/2017 Evening Calin Gog play
03/26/2017 Morning Vasile Birlea play
03/19/2017 Evening Lazar Gog play
03/19/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/12/2017 Evening Lazar Gog play
03/12/2017 Morning Ovidiu Cupsa play
03/05/2017 Evening Calin Turcu play
03/05/2017 Morning Harry Mihet play
02/26/2017 Evening Valer Brancovan play
02/26/2017 Morning Ticu Leontescu play
02/25/2017 Evening Intalnirea Timisenilor play
02/19/2017 Evening Lucian Pichler play
02/19/2017 Morning Dorin Druhora play
02/12/2017 Evening Lazar Gog play
02/12/2017 Morning Florin Pindic Blaj play
02/05/2017 Evening Calin Gog play
02/05/2017 Morning Ghita Mois play
01/29/2017 Evening Abel Tirla play
01/29/2017 Morning Lazar Gog play
01/22/2017 Evening Lucian Pichler play
01/22/2017 Morning Norbert Cristea play
01/15/2017 Evening Calin Gog play
01/15/2017 Morning Dorin Druhora play
01/08/2017 Evening Lazar Gog play
01/08/2017 Morning Dorin Druhora play
01/01/2017 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/31/2016 Evening Leonard Semenea play
12/25/2016 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/24/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/18/2016 Evening Gabi Covaci play
12/18/2016 Morning Daniel Druhora play
12/11/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/11/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/04/2016 Evening Beniamin Poplacean play
12/04/2016 Morning Dorin Druhora play
11/27/2016 Morning Gheorghe Staniste play
11/23/2016 Thanksgiving Lazar Gog play
11/20/2016 Evening Peter Boros play
11/20/2016 Morning Tony Lane play
11/19/2016 Evening Teo Scorte play
11/18/2016 Evening Teo Scorte play
11/13/2016 Evening Lucian Pichler play
11/13/2016 Morning Vasile Birlea play
11/06/2016 Evening Abel Tirla play
11/06/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
10/30/2016 Evening Gabi Moldovan play
10/30/2016 Morning Dorin Druhora play
10/23/2016 Evening Calin Gog play
10/23/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
10/16/2016 Evening Daniel Druhora play
10/16/2016 Morning Dorin Druhora play
10/09/2016 Evening George Puraci play
10/09/2016 Morning Dorin Druhora play
10/02/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
10/02/2016 Morning Dorin Druhora play
09/25/2016 Morning Water Baptism play
09/25/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
09/18/2016 Evening Dan Caraian play
09/18/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
09/11/2016 Evening Vasile Birlea play
09/11/2016 Morning Dumitru Ioan play
09/04/2016 Morning Arpad Miszti play
08/28/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
08/21/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
08/21/2016 Morning Eugen Mitrea play
08/14/2016 Evening Claudiu Amarie play
08/14/2016 Morning Claudiu Misca play
08/07/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
08/07/2016 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/31/2016 Evening Eugen Mitrea play
07/31/2016 Morning Lennart Larsson play
07/17/2016 Evening Calin Gog play
07/17/2016 Morning Emanuel Fedur play
07/14/2016 Evening Grupul Pro Deum play
07/10/2016 Evening Ciprian Boitor play
07/10/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
07/03/2016 Morning Marius Covaci play
06/26/2016 Evening Claudiu Misca play
06/26/2016 Morning Dorin Druhora play
06/19/2016 Afternoon Naomi and Calin Gog's Wedding play
06/12/2016 Evening Dorin Druhora play
06/12/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
06/05/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
06/05/2016 Morning Iosif Tirla play
05/29/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
05/22/2016 Evening Cornel Turcu play
05/22/2016 Morning Relu Moldovan play
05/15/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
05/15/2016 Morning Claudiu Misca play
05/08/2016 Evening Lucian Pichler play
05/08/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
05/01/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
05/01/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/24/2016 Evening Pr. Prof. Stelian Tofana play
04/24/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/17/2016 Evening Dorin Druhora play
04/17/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/10/2016 Evening Claudiu Misca play
04/10/2016 Morning Paul Duma play
04/03/2016 Evening Mihai Petroesc play
04/03/2016 Morning Dorin Druhora play
03/31/2016 Evening Puiu Stefan play
03/27/2016 Evening Dorin Druhora play
03/27/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/24/2016 Evening Dorin Druhora play
03/20/2016 Evening Becca Purice play
03/20/2016 Morning Mihai Dumitrascu play
03/13/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
03/13/2016 Morning John Bos play
03/06/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
03/06/2016 Morning Ghita Mois play
02/28/2016 Evening Dorin Druhora play
02/28/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
02/21/2016 Evening Samuel Flores play
02/21/2016 Morning Claudiu Misca play
02/14/2016 Evening Ioan Kui play
02/14/2016 Morning Dorin Druhora play
02/07/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
02/07/2016 Morning Dorin Druhora play
01/31/2016 Evening Del Huff play
01/31/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
01/24/2016 Evening Mihail Neamtu play
01/24/2016 Morning Tony Lane play
01/23/2016 Evening Mihail Neamtu play
01/17/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
01/17/2016 Morning Lazar Gog play
01/10/2016 Evening Dorin Druhora play
01/10/2016 Morning Claudiu Amarie play
01/03/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
01/03/2016 Morning Dorin Druhora play
01/01/2016 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/31/2015 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/27/2015 Evening Calin Gog play
12/27/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/25/2015 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/24/2015 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/20/2015 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/20/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/13/2015 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/13/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/06/2015 Evening Ovidiu Cupsa play
12/06/2015 Morning Dorin Druhora play
11/29/2015 Evening Lazar Gog play
11/29/2015 Morning Narcis Popovici play
11/25/2015 Thanksgiving Rabbi Joel Berman play
11/22/2015 Evening Charles Victor play
11/22/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
11/21/2015 Evening Peter Boros play
11/20/2015 Evening Peter Boros play
11/15/2015 Evening Ioan Kui play
11/15/2015 Morning Vasile Birlea play
11/08/2015 Evening Dorin Druhora play
11/08/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
11/01/2015 Evening Lazar Gog play
11/01/2015 Morning Gabi Costea play
10/25/2015 Evening Lazar Gog play
10/25/2015 Morning Dorin Druhora play
10/18/2015 Evening Vasile Bujor play
10/18/2015 Morning Dorin Druhora play
10/11/2015 Evening Abel Tirla play
10/11/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
10/04/2015 Evening Lazar Gog play
10/04/2015 Morning Claudiu Misca play
09/27/2015 Evening Ovidiu Cupsa play
09/27/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
09/24/2015 Evening Caminul Felix Ministry play
09/20/2015 Afternoon Water Baptism play
09/20/2015 Morning Tony Lane play
09/13/2015 Morning Dorin Druhora play
09/06/2015 Morning Dorin Druhora play
08/30/2015 Evening Pr. Prof. Stelian Tofana play
08/30/2015 Morning Eugen Gainariu play
08/29/2015 Evening Pr. Prof. Stelian Tofana play
08/29/2015 Afternoon Pr. Prof. Stelian Tofana play
08/23/2015 Evening Ghiorghi Cazacu play
08/23/2015 Morning Dorin Druhora play
08/16/2015 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/16/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
08/09/2015 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/09/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
08/02/2015 Evening Daniel Druhora play
08/02/2015 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/26/2015 Evening Marius Covaci play
07/26/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
07/19/2015 Evening Marius Covaci play
07/19/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
07/12/2015 Evening Pinter Imre play
07/12/2015 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/05/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
06/28/2015 Evening Calin Gog play
06/21/2015 Evening Lazar Gog play
06/21/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
06/14/2015 Evening Relu Moldovan play
06/14/2015 Morning Dan Sos play
06/07/2015 Evening Vasile Hozan play
06/07/2015 Morning Valerian Mocan play
05/31/2015 Evening Dorin Druhora play
05/31/2015 Morning Ambrozie Pop play
05/24/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
05/17/2015 Evening Ciprian Boitor play
05/17/2015 Morning Pavel Duma play
05/10/2015 Evening Lazar Gog play
05/10/2015 Morning Dorin Druhora play
05/03/2015 Evening Ghita Mois play
05/03/2015 Morning Leonard Semenea play
04/26/2015 Evening Lazar Gog play
04/26/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/19/2015 Evening Calin Gog play
04/19/2015 Morning Charles Victor play
04/12/2015 Evening Gabi Florut play
04/12/2015 Morning John Sim play
04/05/2015 Evening Samuel Tutac play
04/05/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/02/2015 Evening Leonard Semenea play
03/29/2015 Evening Dorin Druhora play
03/29/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/22/2015 Morning Dorin Toma play
03/15/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/08/2015 Evening Dorin Druhora play
03/08/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/01/2015 Evening Dorin Druhora play
03/01/2015 Morning Leonard Semenea play
02/22/2015 Evening Claudiu Misca play
02/22/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
02/15/2015 Evening Lazar Gog play
02/15/2015 Morning Moise Gaode play
02/08/2015 Evening Leonard Semenea play
02/08/2015 Morning Lazar Gog play
02/01/2015 Evening Dorin Druhora play
02/01/2015 Morning Cornel Miclea play
01/25/2015 Evening Dorin Druhora play
01/25/2015 Morning Leonard Semenea play
01/18/2015 Evening Dorin Druhora play
01/18/2015 Morning Dorin Druhora play
01/11/2015 Evening Dorin Druhora play
01/11/2015 Morning Dorin Druhora play
01/04/2015 Evening Claudiu Misca play
01/04/2015 Morning Leonard Semenea play
01/01/2015 Evening Leonard Semenea play
12/31/2014 Evening Leonard Semenea play
12/28/2014 Morning Leonard Semenea play
12/25/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/24/2014 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/21/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/21/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/14/2014 Evening Claudiu Misca play
12/14/2014 Morning Leonard Semenea play
12/07/2014 Evening Leonard Semenea play
12/07/2014 Morning Dorin Druhora play
11/30/2014 Evening Leonard Semenea play
11/30/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
11/26/2014 Thanksgiving Lazar Gog play
11/23/2014 Evening Charles Victor play
11/23/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
11/16/2014 Evening Lazar Gog play
11/16/2014 Morning Samuel Caba play
11/15/2014 Evening Eddie Sfrengeu play
11/15/2014 Morning Chris Cruz play
11/14/2014 Evening Chris Cruz play
11/09/2014 Evening Arpad Miszti play
11/09/2014 Morning Ioan Kui play
11/02/2014 Evening Marcel Macelaru play
11/02/2014 Morning Ghita Dicoi play
10/26/2014 Evening Gabi Moldovan play
10/26/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
10/19/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
10/19/2014 Morning Leonard Semenea play
10/18/2014 Evening Rodica Volintiru play
10/12/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
10/12/2014 Morning Igor Bagirov play
10/09/2014 Evening Grupul Speranta play
10/05/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
10/05/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
09/28/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
09/28/2014 Morning Leonard Semenea play
09/21/2014 Botez in apa Pastors Arpad Miszti & Leonard Semenea play
09/21/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
09/14/2014 Evening Lazar Gog play
09/14/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
09/07/2014 Evening Florin Pop play
09/07/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
08/31/2014 Morning Dorin Druhora play
08/24/2014 Evening Cornel Turcu play
08/24/2014 Morning Dorin Druhora play
08/17/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/17/2014 Morning Ioan Kui play
08/10/2014 Evening Leonard Semenea play
08/10/2014 Morning Dorin Druhora play
08/03/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/03/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
07/27/2014 Evening Claudiu Misca play
07/27/2014 Morning Nelu Mehedinti play
07/20/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
07/20/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
07/13/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
07/13/2014 Morning Narcis Popovici play
07/06/2014 Morning Leonard Semenea play
06/29/2014 Morning John Tipei play
06/22/2014 Evening Lazar Gog play
06/15/2014 Evening Leonard Semenea play
06/15/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
06/08/2014 Evening Florin Filip play
06/08/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
06/01/2014 Evening Lazar Gog play
06/01/2014 Morning Leonard Semenea play
05/25/2014 Morning Claudiu Misca play
05/18/2014 Evening Lazar Gog play
05/18/2014 Morning Sergiu Nichescu play
05/11/2014 Evening Charles Victor play
05/11/2014 Morning Dorin Druhora play
05/04/2014 Evening Leonard Semenea play
05/04/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
05/03/2014 Evening Costel Balanoiu play
05/02/2014 Evening Costel Balanoiu play
04/27/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
04/27/2014 Morning Dorin Druhora play
04/20/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
04/20/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/18/2014 Evening Gicu Stan play
04/17/2014 Evening Leonard Semenea play
04/13/2014 Evening Claudiu Misca play
04/13/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/06/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
04/06/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/30/2014 Evening John Sim play
03/30/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/23/2014 Evening Leonard Semenea play
03/23/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/19/2014 Evening Dragos Croitor play
03/18/2014 Evening Lazar Gog play
03/16/2014 Evening Claudiu Misca play
03/16/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/09/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
03/09/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/02/2014 Evening Leonard Semenea play
03/02/2014 Morning Dorin Druhora play
02/23/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
02/23/2014 Morning Leonard Semenea play
02/16/2014 Evening Leonard Semenea play
02/16/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
02/09/2014 Evening Ionel Chichinejdi play
02/09/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
02/02/2014 Evening Leonard Semenea play
02/02/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
01/26/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
01/26/2014 Morning Lazar Gog play
01/23/2014 Evening Leonard Semenea play
01/22/2014 Evening Dorin Druhora play
01/21/2014 Evening Calin Gog play
01/19/2014 Evening Adrian Ambrosie play
01/19/2014 Morning Ioan Kui play
01/12/2014 Evening Lazar Gog play
01/12/2014 Morning Claudiu Misca play
01/05/2014 Evening Lazar Gog play
01/05/2014 Morning Daniel Branzei play
01/01/2014 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/31/2013 Evening Leonard Semenea play
12/29/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/29/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/25/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/24/2013 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/22/2013 Evening Leonard Semenea play
12/22/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/19/2013 Evening Daniel Branzei play
12/15/2013 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/15/2013 Morning Dorin Druhora play
12/08/2013 Evening Petru Coman play
12/08/2013 Morning Leonard Semenea play
12/04/2013 Evening Gabi Zegrean play
12/01/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/01/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
11/27/2013 Thanksgiving Rabbi Joel Berman play
11/24/2013 Evening Claudiu Misca play
11/24/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
11/23/2013 Revive Peter Boros play
11/22/2013 Revive Bryan Bettis play
11/17/2013 Evening Leonard Semenea play
11/17/2013 Morning David Magdut play
11/16/2013 Evening David Magdut play
11/10/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
11/10/2013 Morning Petru Aron play
11/03/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
11/03/2013 Morning Leonard Semenea play
10/27/2013 Evening Ghita Dicoi play
10/27/2013 Morning Luigi Mitoi play
10/20/2013 Evening Leonard Semenea play
10/20/2013 Morning Flaviu Coman play
10/13/2013 Evening Lazar Gog play
10/13/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
10/06/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
10/06/2013 Morning Leonard Semenea play
09/29/2013 Evening Lazar Gog play
09/29/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
09/22/2013 Evening Calin Gog play
09/22/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
09/15/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
09/15/2013 Morning Leonard Semenea play
09/08/2013 Evening Lazar Gog play
09/08/2013 Morning Jean Chiforeanu play
09/01/2013 Morning Dorin Druhora play
08/25/2013 Morning Luigi Mitoi play
08/24/2013 Evening Luigi Mitoi play
08/23/2013 Evening Luigi Mitoi play
08/18/2013 Evening Silviu Neagu play
08/18/2013 Morning Victor Campean play
08/11/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
08/11/2013 Morning Cristian Ionescu play
08/04/2013 Morning Dino Burzo play
07/28/2013 Evening Lazar Gog play
07/28/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
07/21/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
07/21/2013 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/14/2013 Evening Daniel Druhora play
07/14/2013 Morning Dorin Druhora play
07/07/2013 Evening Silviu Neagu play
07/07/2013 Morning Ovidiu Cupsa play
06/30/2013 Evening Tony Lane play
06/30/2013 Morning Vasile Birlea play
06/23/2013 Evening Iosif Belea play
06/16/2013 Evening Doru Popescu play
06/16/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
06/09/2013 Evening Lazar Gog play
06/09/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
06/02/2013 Evening Ovidiu Cupsa play
06/02/2013 Morning Claudiu Misca play
05/19/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
05/19/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
05/12/2013 Evening John Tipei play
05/12/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
05/05/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
05/05/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/28/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
04/28/2013 Morning Adrian Tise play
04/21/2013 Evening Lazr Gog play
04/21/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
04/14/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
04/14/2013 Morning Daniel Perijoc play
04/07/2013 Evening Lazar Gog play
04/07/2013 Morning Ioan Kui play
03/31/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
03/31/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/28/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
04/28/2013 Morning Adrian Tise play
03/24/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
03/24/2013 Morning Nelu Brie play
03/17/2013 Evening Gabi Moldovan play
03/17/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/10/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
03/10/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
03/03/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
03/03/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
02/24/2013 Evening Ron Kuykendall play
02/24/2013 Morning Dorin Druhora play
02/17/2013 Evening Liviu Muntean play
02/17/2013 Morning Joel Volle play
02/10/2013 Evening Lazar Gog play
02/10/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
02/03/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
02/03/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
01/27/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
01/27/2013 Morning Mitica Fedur play
01/20/2013 Evening Lazar Gog play
01/20/2013 Morning Lazar Gog play
01/13/2013 Evening Dorin Druhora play
01/13/2013 Morning Dorin Druhora play
01/06/2013 Evening Lazar Gog play
01/06/2013 Morning Ioan Kui play
01/01/2013 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/31/2012 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/30/2012 Evening Dorin Druhora play
12/30/2012 Morning John Miszti play
12/25/2012 Evening Leonard Semenea play
12/24/2012 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/23/2012 Morning Dorin Druhora play
12/16/2012 Evening Daniel Druhora play
12/16/2012 Morning Lazar Gog play
12/09/2012 Evening Lazar Gog play
12/09/2012 Morning Florin Pindic play
12/02/2012 Evening Arpad Miszti play
12/02/2012 Morning Lazar Gog play
11/27/2012 Evening Gabi Zegrean play
11/25/2012 Evening Claudiu Misca play
11/25/2012 Morning Daniel Perijoc play
11/21/2012 Evening Thanksgiving Program play
11/18/2012 Evening Dorin Druhora play
11/18/2012 Morning Lazar Gog play
11/17/2012 Evening Kurt Koerth play
11/16/2012 Evening Dorin Druhora play
11/11/2012 Evening Dorin Druhora play
11/11/2012 Morning Dorin Druhora play
11/04/2012 Evening Dorin Druhora play
11/04/2012 Morning Dorin Druhora play